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Series Introduction – Why Don’t You and I:

I had been off work sick. That translates into me being bored. That usually means badness. The good was that I started reading some fanfic about a show that never saw the light of day except for a pilot episode that’s available on YouTube (thank you, Ralst).

There’s a few things you should know about me, I love detective stories, with the caveat that they are well told and the science isn’t bunk *cough – CSI – cough*, I love femslash, there are a few fandoms that play to those things that I dig. Nikki and Nora did. So my mind took a little adventure as I was bummed that this show didn’t make it. I think that it would have been great. It sort of reminded me of Firefly in so far as the way the cast gelled from the moment they appeared on screen. Firefly had that. Nikki & Nora did as well.

What I’ve planned are three sets of two stories in each set. Here’s the first of the lot.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Nikki & Nora or the other characters associated with. Nancylee Myatt and others do. I’m just playing with them for some recreational fun and entertainment. The original characters I do. The series title and story titles are as follows and belong to the entities as stated below. I thank each group for the entertainment and inspiration.

Series Title - Why Don’t You and I – Carlos Santana and his record company

1.1 - Despite All This – Cock Sparrer and their record company
1.2 - White Riot – The Clash and their record company
2.1 – Corazon de Oro – Rancid and their record company
2.2 - Leave the Pieces – The Wreckers and their record company
3.1 - Up to My Neck – ACDC and their record company
3.2 - Whiskey Sour – Sixer and their record company

As a side note: If any of you are looking for the above music, you may find the better known bands, but you may have trouble with Sixer or Cock Sparrer…if you wanna give them a listen, contact me.

Thank You’s: The creators of the show, the music that’s listed above, Winddrinker for some beta work and to Abby who served as primary beta for this side project.

Please note: I really suck at spelling, it’s a proven fact. While this has been through a round of beta work, I’m sure there are mistakes…Oops. Blame me ‘cause it’s usually all my fault anyhow.



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