March 11th, 2015


One Percent - Chapter 3 - Generation Terrorist

Before You Read Below, Read This: A few things to get out of the way way before you read the new chapter, assuming you make it that far or are even interested given the length of time between this and the last chatper. Also this is long, so I'm going to start with the most important thing first.

Crowd funding for Season 2 of Nikki & Nora or The N&N Files has been going on. I've been silent because life, and while I'm a jerk, I'm not so much of a jerk that I'm comfortable with sitting back and watching the show not make it's goal. Better late than never and all that jazz. So, this is me being annoying and poking bears with sticks. Shake down the couch, again. Shake down the dirty laundry, again. Maybe if you have a spare change jar, take it for a walk and cash it in. Maybe not eat out for a few days and throw that money towards their goal. Even if it's a few dollars. It's appreciated, by them and the fans, yinz all if you're reading this. I know they're currently behind pace of what they want to hit so for those of you that do social media, the twitter, the tumblr, the, tweet, or whatever they call it now and spread the word. The internets are vast and mighty (also scary, but that's a rant for another time) and make some noise about it. Please? Pretty please? I grovel if necessary, but when I do it just makes all involved uncomfortable.

Next most important thing, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I suck. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to get this measly chapter up. This story along with a few other's have been languising on my hard drive for over a year. It's not for a lack of want, but energy and time...also brain power. So I'm sorry. It's not fair to you or to the stories that are languishing. I'm also not promising to be better because the thing of it is, is that my job is hard and I work 80 hours a week so that by the time I come home having enough brain cells to rub together to keep a thought warm is a tall order. I'll try.

I think that's it. This is getting long and there's more below, not me typing at you, but story stuff that's more interesting than what I have to say...but remember, shake down those pesky nooks and crannies for that spare change, cook a meal at home (or 2 or 3) and spread the word. Will grovel as needed.

Title: One Percent, Chapter 3 - Generation Terrorist
Disclaimer: These ladies are not mine. We all know that. They belong to Nancylee and she's awesome so it all works out.
Fandom: Nikki & Nora
Pairing: Nikki/Nora
Rating: PG-13ish
Authors Notes: Read above, give them your money, yell at me if you need to because I suck. Also, this is unbeta'd and probably a little rough. I've tried writing over the last year and I think it's all crap. so I'm sorry. I mentioned I'm a jerk and I suck, but I hope you're entertained anyhow. And, lastly, thank you from the bottom of my jerky heart.

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