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Putting the Damage On - Overview

Rating: PG-13 to R ish…
Fandom: Spinoff of Nikki & Nora
Pairing: You’ll see and hear mention of Nikki/Nora, Bobby/OC and the rest are all OC’s paired with OC’s

Disclaimer: Uh…Nikki and Nora aren’t mine they have a cameo in two parts and are briefly mentioned here and there. The rest of the whack jobs in the piece are all my own doing. You can’t have them, but I don’t mind sharing. I passed kindergarten.

A/N: Okay a few things…There was a throw away comment a bit ago from a reader about doing a spin-off featuring Ann, Jill, John and the rest of the her people in Virginia. I took that throw away comment and ran with it. My sister, in her all her insanity, challenged me to participate in Nanowrimo this year. I thought about it…I write fanfic. I know I have it in me to complete 50K words, my longest story to date is around 89K, but the challenge was was I able to complete in a month. Most of the readership knows that I’ve got a A Thousand Oceans going and I’m working on a Buffy story, Let the Dominoes Fall what you probably don’t is that I’m a glorified number cruncher and work upwards of 60 hours, then there’s family stuff and I wanted to finish off my Masters (classes started the end of October). November was effing crazy. On the upside…The challenge is finished. I polished it off on Friday morning. So, while I’m trying to catch up with my other two stories, I offer you this as an interim installment on the A.U. that I’ve built with Nikki & Nora. It’s a spinoff. I hope it worked.

Also, yes, I know this is a ghastly long author’s note, but…this story hasn’t been reviewed by my beta. I wasn’t going to torture him with it seeing as how he’d have needed to accomplish the piece by the end of the month. And he’s quite capable, it just seemed mean. So all mistakes are really and truly my own. I hope everyone reads and enjoys.

    Putting the Damage On
  1. All the World
  2. It’s All Fun…
  3. ...And Games
  4. Alignment to Cry
  5. Made to Meet Your Maker
  6. Understand Dependence
  7. Merciless Moon
  8. Epilogue



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