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Rec: Frenzy Envy

So, I'll try not get into too much detail, but the girl that's been my best friend (often referring to her as my sister 'cause well, duh) for 21 years just finished up her first comic, and I'm pretty excited about it. Due to my excitement and the fact that I'm damn proud of her, I'm doing my part and pimping it. Bias aside, it's a pretty great piece.

"Frenzy Envy tells the story of Laney Little, a twenty-something woman and how she sees the world, colored as it is by mania or depression. The books will follow her and her alter ego, who presses her to indulge in her every impulse, through the daily grind that is her life. Working midnight shift in retail, manic sexcapades, and hospitalizations are just a few of the things she deals with while trying to stay safe from herself."

I'd encourage all to check it out here @ Frenzy Envy.
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