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One Percent - Chapter 3 - Generation Terrorist

Before You Read Below, Read This: A few things to get out of the way way before you read the new chapter, assuming you make it that far or are even interested given the length of time between this and the last chatper. Also this is long, so I'm going to start with the most important thing first.

Crowd funding for Season 2 of Nikki & Nora or The N&N Files has been going on. I've been silent because life, and while I'm a jerk, I'm not so much of a jerk that I'm comfortable with sitting back and watching the show not make it's goal. Better late than never and all that jazz. So, this is me being annoying and poking bears with sticks. Shake down the couch, again. Shake down the dirty laundry, again. Maybe if you have a spare change jar, take it for a walk and cash it in. Maybe not eat out for a few days and throw that money towards their goal. Even if it's a few dollars. It's appreciated, by them and the fans, yinz all if you're reading this. I know they're currently behind pace of what they want to hit so for those of you that do social media, the twitter, the tumblr, the facebook...post, tweet, or whatever they call it now and spread the word. The internets are vast and mighty (also scary, but that's a rant for another time) and make some noise about it. Please? Pretty please? I grovel if necessary, but when I do it just makes all involved uncomfortable.

Next most important thing, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I suck. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to get this measly chapter up. This story along with a few other's have been languising on my hard drive for over a year. It's not for a lack of want, but energy and time...also brain power. So I'm sorry. It's not fair to you or to the stories that are languishing. I'm also not promising to be better because the thing of it is, is that my job is hard and I work 80 hours a week so that by the time I come home having enough brain cells to rub together to keep a thought warm is a tall order. I'll try.

I think that's it. This is getting long and there's more below, not me typing at you, but story stuff that's more interesting than what I have to say...but remember, shake down those pesky nooks and crannies for that spare change, cook a meal at home (or 2 or 3) and spread the word. Will grovel as needed.

Title: One Percent, Chapter 3 - Generation Terrorist
Disclaimer: These ladies are not mine. We all know that. They belong to Nancylee and she's awesome so it all works out.
Fandom: Nikki & Nora
Pairing: Nikki/Nora
Rating: PG-13ish
Authors Notes: Read above, give them your money, yell at me if you need to because I suck. Also, this is unbeta'd and probably a little rough. I've tried writing over the last year and I think it's all crap. so I'm sorry. I mentioned I'm a jerk and I suck, but I hope you're entertained anyhow. And, lastly, thank you from the bottom of my jerky heart.

Previous Chapters

Chapter 3—Generation Terrorist

"I can't believe I agreed to this," Nora grumbled as Nikki killed June Lee's engine.

Her partner cut her a wry grin then looked at the old warehouse. The windows lining the top were painted black allowing no light in or out. The paint job on the building needed redone about ten years ago if the myriad of exposed, multiple layers of the faded green were anything to go by. The only way you could tell that it was being occupied was by the filled small parking lot they bypassed. They opted to park in the loading zone as they stepped from the vehicle; Nora double checking the police placard was visible on the dash.

"Who are we meeting again?" Nora asked as she straightened her holster and pulled her hair from underneath her tan jacket.

"An old friend," Nikki answered as she tugged on Nora's shirt riding up in the back. "I think we need to get you some new shirts."

A sour looked passed over Nora's face as she grumped and swatted away fussing hands, "No. My clothes are fine. You're just picky."

Trying to sooth her touchy partner, Nikki gently hipped checked her as they reached the entrance to the warehouse. "I'm not picky. I just think that shirt, while lovely on you, isn't the best to wear. Although..." Nikki trailed off as she opened the door to the building, "maybe for today, it's fitting."

Nora stepped inside the building unsure of what to expect. Sure she'd met Darius and he seemed all right. A good guy in her books, but some of the other 'informants' that Nikki had used in their past investigations were less than okay. So being introduced to another one, well, it had Nora nervous. As she scanned the building they'd entered, she was surprised that it wasn't an open floor plan like most of the other warehouses she'd been in. The main entrance of the place ended up being another small room with a door set off to the back. Next to the door was a service counter where a girl, with bright red hair and school bus yellow streaks, and a large smile greeted them.

"Miss Nikki!" the young woman chirped as Nora felt Nikki slide in behind her.

"Hey, Alicia!" Nikki greeted the young girl. "How’ve you been?"

The young girl bobbed her head. “Good. Just kicking around, y’know?”

“I do,” Nikki purred and pulled Nora up to the counter. She propped her arms on the counter and leaned in to continue the conversation, “You still in school?”

“Just signed up for the fall quarter,” Alicia confirmed. “And who’s this?” She cut a large grin in Nora’s direction.

“This is my partner, Nora. We’re just popping in to see if the boss is around,” Nikki answered and straightened up.

“Should be. I ain’t seen him except this afternoon when we opened. It’s kidna busy, but go on back and come see me if you want to get some time in.” Alicia wiggled her eyebrows at the two as she hit the buzzer to the back door.

Nora’s eyebrows hiked as music filtered through the opening door. She cast a quick glance to Nikki before following her partner through. She wasn’t ever really sure what to suspect when she went along with Nikki. Seedy joints, occasionally, cemeteries, could be considered a weekly venture, but this…

Nora gaped at the neon she was surrounded by. The warehouse’s floor plan finally became clear as the place was lined with arcade games. The wall on the left held various types of skeeball, the wall to her right and what she could make of the back wall was nothing but pinball machines and the center of the warehouse were rows of various first person shooters, driving games and classic arcade machines.

She felt a tug on the sleeve of her shirt and let Nikki lead her farther into the building. “If you wanna play when we’re done, I’ll have Alicia hook us up,” the brunette teased lightly, slightly amused by the wonder passing over Nora’s features.

“I just…” Nora trailed off and shook her head. “Not what I was expecting.”

Nikki suppressed the urge to dig to focus on the man emerging from the office. She smiled in greeting at the kid. “If you’re still trying to grow that beard out the next time I see you, I’m going to make you shave it off.”

Nora looked at the man, kid really, as he couldn’t be more than twenty-two, with the short patches of hair along his face. At five-nine-ish and a buck and a half of weight, he reminded her a little of Bobby with the color of his eyes and hair.

“You say that every time, Miss Nikki, but it’s still here and I’m going to keep trying until I can get a full beard in,” the man smiled before reaching out and pulling Nikki into a one armed hug. “What brings you by and who’s your friend?”

“You got a minute to chat?” Nikki asked as they shuffled into the back office the man came from.

“For you,” the guy pinked a little, “always.”

“Good. This is my partner, Det. Nora Delaney.” Nikki turned to Nora to make the introductions, “Nora, this is Josiah.”

“Call me Tilt, Miss Nikki has a habit of giving out my real name,” Josiah smiled and stuck out his hand.

Shaking the offered hand, she said, “I can help you out with that.” She grinned and winked at Nikki. “For the right price, I can give you hers.”

“Delaney,” Nikki growled.

Tilt’s face erupted into a full grin as he said, “We’ll talk later, but for now, what can I do for you both?”

Nikki took a seat on the couch and motioned for Nora to take a spot next to her. “We caught a case a day ago. Michael DeSalvo, goes by ‘Tard,’ and runs with the Boku Boys was stabbed. Any of them come in here?”

Nora watched the corners of Tilts mouth angle down. “Tard did. A few times, his buddy, Rush, uh…” he trailed off snapping his fingers, “uhm, his name…real name, A.J. I think. He and Tard would come in from time to time. Last time they were around I had to kick them and a couple of jerks from the G.T.’s out. Couldn’t abide by the house rules.”

“House rules?” Nora questioned as she leaned forward and rested her arms on her knees.

“Yeah, we’ve got a few around here. No fighting, no territorial bullshit and no deals happen inside here. I run a pretty simple operation. It’s a fucking arcade, y’know?” Tilt explained as he folded his arms across his chest. “Tard was all right. I mean, not a Mensa member by any stretch, but I usually didn’t have any problems.”

“You know the names of the…G.T.’s?” Nikki followed up. “And who or what is a ‘G.T.’?”

“Generation Terrorist,” Nora supplied. “They’re not rivals, but not friendly with some of the other…factions, running around. What’d they fight about?”

Tilt gave a shrug of his shoulder. “Not too sure. I was back here working on the payroll when I heard the shouting. Me and Ali tossed ‘em out. I only knew one of the guys from the G.T.’s, goes by Screwdriver, real name’s Chris something…” Tilt turned around and pecked the laptop on the desk. “Chris…Mac. Here.” He righted himself as the printer next to the couch came to life. “There’s a copy of his D.L., but you didn’t get this from me.”

“Noted,” Nikki said as she plucked the paper from the tray. “Thanks.”

The steaming cup of coffee slid into Nora’s field of vision as she sat at her desk looking over various reports on the two groups the dead body had put in front of her. The Generation Terrorists, or G.T.’s, were on the same level as the Boku Boys. Small things here and there, flying well enough just under the radar to not attract the attention of the Organized Crime division, but large enough to get their names known. From what she could tell, the numbers for both were small, a core group of six or seven with some lackey’s that they use for the really petty crimes the actual members couldn’t be bothered with.

“How long are we going to let him simmer?” Nikki asked leaning against the side of her partner’s desk.

Looking up, Nora blinked and cocked her head in thought. She wasn’t really sure what to expect when they went to try and talk to Chris Mac, but Danny Freeman coming at them with a hot skillet wasn’t one of them. Now, after Nora’s arm still throbbed from where she blocked the attempted blow, she sat back, laced her hands behind her head and thought. The assault gave them a minimum of a twenty-four hour hold on the asshole and if they decided to press charges after that, well, he’d have to see a judge to get released.

“Give him a bit more time,” she finally said, rubbing her right eye to clear the itchy burning her exhaustion was causing. Her left eye remained opened as she watched her partner raise an eyebrow her. “What?”

Nikki’s mouth screwed to the side before she stood and started collecting her things. “Let’s go.”

“Eh?” Nora’s brain tried to catch up to whatever her partner was doing, but she seemed to be stuck in first gear.

“You’re exhausted. I’m pissed. We aren’t going to get anything out of that asshole tonight,” the brunette replied in a clipped tone. “Get it together while I tag a uni to escort our friend back to holding for the night.” She didn’t bother waiting for Nora to comply, just assuming she would as she stalked over to Wallin’s and Lindsey’s desk.

“Hi, gentleman,” Nikki started and got their attention. Two buzz cut brunette heads whipped up at the sound of her voice. “We have a suspect in Room Three. Can you see he gets back to holding before you leave?”

“Uh, we don’t get done for another four hours, Det. Beaumont,” Lindsey stammered.

Nikki shrugged. “Let him simmer a bit. I cranked up the heat before we left him, so I’m sorry if he smells.” Much like her approach with Nora, she didn’t wait for them to confirm their compliance and instead spun on her heel and left them to the rest of their shift. Nora was waiting by their desks holding out her purse.

Nikki nodded in acceptance and led them out into the tepid night. She didn’t allow for much conversation and insisted on driving her girlfriend home. Pulling up to the curb, she let June Lee’s engine idle and waited on Nora to head on up.

Stalling, the blonde looked at her partner, “You coming?”

Nikki shook her head. “June Lee and I are gonna go for a drive and let you get some sleep. We’ll be back tomorrow bright and early to pick you up.” She watched Nora open her mouth, the thoughts forming and then dying on her lips as Nikki realized Nora thought better than to question her tonight. Thankful for that small bit of grace from her partner, Nikki amended, “Go on. I love you and we’ll see you in the morning.” She leaned over and pecked the corner of Nora’s mouth before opening the passenger door and giving the blonde a gentle shove.

Nikki watched as Nora scurried up to her apartment and didn’t pull away until she saw the living room light flicker twice to let her know Nora was in and she was safe. She pulled out of the spot she’d double parked in, rolling up to the stop sign at the end of Nora’s block. It was there that she let her head fall forward and bounce against the leather wrapped steering wheel.

She took in a few breaths before deciding on where to go. Signaling left she, looked around before making the turn. It was off to find Darius and blow off some steam. If anyone could talk her down from murdering the asshole that thought it was a good idea to swing a frying pan at Nora’s head Darius was the one to do it.
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